Who Is Liable If You Are Hurt In An Uber Or Lyft Accident?

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For many people, using the ridesharing services of Uber and Lyft is becoming more and more common each day. However, just as when you are a passenger in any vehicle, the possibility exists you may be involved in an accident at some point. If and when this happens, you will need to know your legal rights as to who is liable for your injuries. Rather than let an opportunity slip away to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions, Read More

What steps do you need to take if you’ve injured your head in an accident?

After being involved in a car accident, most parties involved typically visit the hospital to determine the extent of their injuries. However, sometimes not all injuries are as easy to spot quickly and accurately, especially in the case of head injuries. NYC brain injury lawyers know all too well the havoc a head injury can cause an individual throughout their entire life after an accident, and many don’t even realize.Read More

Injured by a bicyclist on their cell phone? Find out your rights.

There are always plenty of news stories about automobile accidents in which a driver caused an accident because he or she was on a cell phone. Cellphone use while driving is a hot topic and the cause of many accidents in NYC. However, sometimes one is not actually driving an automobile, but rather a bicycle. Currently there are no laws regarding cell phone use while on a bicycle, but that may soon change, and bicyclists may have to adhere to the Read More

Will NYC’s lower speed limit help reduce the risk of head injuries and deaths?

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Navigating New York City streets can be a risky and daunting task each day, no matter whether you are an automobile driver, bicyclist or pedestrian. It seems the streets or the sidewalks are both fair game for plenty of accidents, as personal injury lawyers in NY can certainly attest to. To help reduce the amount of accidents and lower the risks of head trauma and death resulting from many accidents, NYC has implemented a new citywide speed limit of 25 mph, hoping the lower speed limit will result in less fatalitiesRead More

Why you should always contact a construction accident attorney when injured near a construction zone

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Construction and New York City seem to go hand in hand, and, unfortunately, so do construction accidents. It seems that every so often there is another headline about construction workers injured on a site. However, sometimes it is innocent pedestrians that also get hurt, simply by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, construction accident attorneys in New York see plenty of cases where individuals were injured near a construction zone because safety precautions were not properly followed.

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Important steps to take after head trauma, and how a brain damage attorney can help

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Any incident involving a blow to the head, no matter high slight, should be taken very seriously. This is because even seemingly minor injuries can sometimes result in serious head trauma and issues at some point in the future. NY brain injury lawyers see plenty of cases where individuals involved in automobile and other accidents suffer from head trauma injuries for several years and even the remainder of their lives, often from what they thought was only a small knock to the head.Read More

When negligence isn’t clear, contact a personal injury attorney in NYC for help

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There are many accidents that take place in which it can be extremely difficult to prove who was at fault or if negligence on somebody’s part contributed to the accident. Such is the case in which a teenager sustained critical injuries after falling off of a moving car. While the obvious first thought is that the boy may actually be at fault because he shouldn’t have been on top of the car in the first place, personal injury attorneys in NYC can tell you that the circumstances aren’t always so black and white.Read More

Small head injuries can lead to big health problems. Contact a brain injury lawyer in NYC for help.

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It seems that sports-related injuries, specifically head injuries, are in the news quite often these days. What may appear at first to be nothing more than a concussion can often lead to larger and more serious problems down the line, causing life changes and requiring extensive, ongoing treatment. That’s why it is always import to receive thorough testing and treatment after any head injury, no matter how slight it may be. Read More

Did you suffer injuries after slipping on snow on New York City sidewalks? How a personal injury lawyer in New York can help.

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New York City certainly has seen its fair share of snow this winter, and there seems to be more coming in the forecast. Along with each snowstorm is another smattering of news reports of multiple accidents within the city and surrounding areas. However, NYC personal injury attorneys also hear stories, and many of them are about how New York workers are slipping and falling on snow that hasn’t been properly cleaned from New York City sidewalks.

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Injured by a collapsed building or falling debris in NYC. Construction accident attorneys explain your rights.

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When walking along New York City streets, there are a wide of assortment of dangers and distractions that you need to keep a watchful eye out for. Everything from other pedestrians to bicyclists to automobiles to opening doors to scaffolding and other debris laying on the sidewalk is a potential hazard. With so much to watch out for, not everyone always remembers to look up from time to time. But construction accident attorneysRead More