Why you should always contact a construction accident attorney when injured near a construction zone

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Construction and New York City seem to go hand in hand, and, unfortunately, so do construction accidents. It seems that every so often there is another headline about construction workers injured on a site. However, sometimes it is innocent pedestrians that also get hurt, simply by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, construction accident attorneys in New York see plenty of cases where individuals were injured near a construction zone because safety precautions were not properly followed.

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Construction Site Accidents Attorneys NYC

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The chances of falling victim to injury while doing construction work are much greater than those of most other jobs. The reasons for such elevated risks include working around large and usually mobile equipment, the presence of loose, unfinished and protruding obstacles, working at dangerous heights, exposure to an abundance of electrical wires, and more.

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Is shoddy workmanship to blame for your injuries? How a NY construction accident lawyer can help.

construction accident attorney

It seems that there is always some form of construction occurring all throughout New York City on any given day, and pedestrians often can’t avoid walking by at least one or two construction zones as they travel through the city. In unfortunate circumstances, being in such a place at just the wrong time can result in injuries and possibly even death. Just such an incident recently occurred when workers dropped a large metal sign upon two passersby that were walking below them.

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