Insurance company not offering a fair settlement? NYC personal injury attorneys will fight on your behalf.


After a car accident or other type of accident in which you or a loved one sustained injuries, after all the reports have been made by the authorities and insurance companies, and after treatment for injuries has been administered, insurance claims adjusters and investigators often take some time to examine the reports and the details, and eventually tell you how much compensation you are entitled to, if any. Read More

If you’ve fallen down stairs and injured yourself, who is liable? Contact a New York personal injury attorney for help.

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Falling down stairs is definitely not a laughable manner as portrayed in many comedies. In reality, such a fall can lead to serious injuries, and possibly even an unfortunate death. If you or a loved one has fallen down stairs and suffered injuries, you may be thinking that you have no recourse other than to pay your medical bills, hopefully handled by your insurance company. However, you might be able to sue another personRead More

Do You Have Legal Options If You or a Loved One Are Burned by Scalding Water?


Tap water that is too hot can cause devastating burns, especially to small children. A short three second exposure to scalding water of 140ºF can produce third-degree burns that require emergency medical attention and possibly skin grafting. Death can even occur to children scalded by hot water with those under the age of four years old having twice the death rate as those between the ages of five and 14.Read More

Head Injury Lawyers New York City

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Head trauma injuries can be extremely deceiving. Some head injury accidents cause the person to lose unconsciousness while others do not. Head blows, however severe, can damage the brain in various degrees. Many people appear to be fine after such an accident, performing and feeling normal.

Although a blow to the head may not seem serious at the time, worse symptoms can appear over days or even weeks often leaving the sufferer with high medical expenses, lost time from the job, or even hired care should they be incapacitated and unable to function on their own.Read More

Construction Site Accidents Attorneys NYC

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The chances of falling victim to injury while doing construction work are much greater than those of most other jobs. The reasons for such elevated risks include working around large and usually mobile equipment, the presence of loose, unfinished and protruding obstacles, working at dangerous heights, exposure to an abundance of electrical wires, and more.

In spite of most companies taking all the necessary precautions possible, minor to catastrophic injuries can still occur as a result of unexpected accidents or negligence. Read More

Who Is Liable For Your Injuries After A Fall?

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Thousands of people are injured due to falls every year. A portion of those who fall and are injured do so because of their own carelessness. However, another percentage of fall injuries occur due to the negligence of someone else. Personal injury awards cannot be pursued if the fall is a result of your own carelessness, but such awards can be sought by personal injury lawyers if it can be proven that the fall was a result of someone else’s negligence.Read More

Can I Be Compensated For Potential Future Medical Expenses Resulting From An Accident?

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Injuries occur, but sustained injuries are often complex. Some injuries require medical treatment for long periods of time and some can reoccur at a later date, requiring further medical care than initially administered. If there is any chance at all that you might experience future problems from an injury obtained as the fault of someone else, you should seek counsel from a professional New York personal injury lawyer to determine.Read More

Is shoddy workmanship to blame for your injuries? How a NY construction accident lawyer can help.

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It seems that there is always some form of construction occurring all throughout New York City on any given day, and pedestrians often can’t avoid walking by at least one or two construction zones as they travel through the city. In unfortunate circumstances, being in such a place at just the wrong time can result in injuries and possibly even death. Just such an incident recently occurred when workers dropped a large metal sign upon two passersby that were walking below them.

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