Will NYC’s lower speed limit help reduce the risk of head injuries and deaths?

Navigating New York City streets can be a risky and daunting task each day, no matter whether you are an automobile driver, bicyclist or pedestrian. It seems the streets or the sidewalks are both fair game for plenty of accidents, as personal injury lawyers in NY can certainly attest to. To help reduce the amount of accidents and lower the risks of head trauma and death resulting from many accidents, NYC has implemented a new citywide speed limit of 25 mph, hoping the lower speed limit will result in less fatalities and serious injuries.

Head trauma is an unfortunate result of many accidents in NY, and brain injury lawyers in NYC are often handling cases where victims of accidents are left with lasting injuries requiring long term care and treatment, even from what seemed like a small bump to the head at the time of the incident. But attorneys and doctors know that even a small bump can sometimes result in lasting head trauma, which is why it is important to get proper medical care and treatment after any accident in which head trauma was suffered.

Additionally, it is important to consult with a New York brain injury lawyer, because if there is head trauma, you will want to be certain that you are properly compensated for your injuries so that you medical care and any additional and long term treatment you may require is taken care of. You certainly don’t want to wind up paying for expensive treatment for the rest of your life due to someone else’s negligence. Contact a personal injury attorney today and find out about your rights to compensation.